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Page 8 - Boating Stewardship

On the water, every action a boater takes has an impact on other people as well as on aquatic life and its ecosystem.  Clean water is the foundation of enjoyable boating and other water activities.  The following are important suggestions: 

1)    Adhere to federal, state and local marine toilet rules and regulations.  Use "Porta Potties" to keep sewage out of the water. 

2)    Know and use legally approved bottom paints. 

3)    Since wastewater runoff at car wash facilities is treated, use of these facilities is recommended.  An alternative is to wash boats or other vehicles on the grass instead of in a driveway, minimizing soapy runoff.  Use biodegradable cleaning agents. 

4)    Refrain from discarding any fishing line overboard.  Numerous tackle shops maintain line recycling programs for your old line. 

5)    Do Not Litter Spring Lake, its Streams or Storm Sewer Systems
Litter not only ruins the natural beauty of Spring Lake, it can kill, or diminish aquatic life and habitat.  The Marpol Treaty, a recently enacted international law, strictly forbids the dumping of any material or waste in lakes, rivers, or bays within three miles of shore.  Plastics are prohibited from being througn overboard anywhere in the world. 

a.                    a:  Bring everything ashore, including beverage or food
                     containers, biodegradable "food waste" and fish cleaning. 

                 b:  Install a garbage can on your boat and use it. 

                 c:  Switch to reusable cups

                 d:  When guests come aboard, inform them of                                           your commitment to clean water and that you have a  boat                       policy not to throw any trash overboard.

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