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Page 3 - Spring Lake Area Residents Association (SLARA)

SLARA is proud to be the major financial sponsor of this informative booklet.  We feel good lake stewardship is a necessity for the  improvement of the Spring Lake water quality.

SLARA has developed a "Good Steward of Spring Lake" award.  The requirements for the awards are the following:

          1.      Own or drive quiet watercrafts. 

    2.      Keep watercraft speed below 55 mph.

    3.      Use only non-phosphorus lawn fertilizers. 

    4.      Do not dump any yard waste (leaves, grass clippings, and / or        branches) into the lake. 

    5.      Avoid feeding the waterfowl. 

    6.      Allow no wastes to flow into storm sewers. 

    7.      Connect to the public sanitary sewer if at all possible; if not,        maintain septic system in excellent condition. 

    8.      Do not dump anything into the lake off any watercraft. 

    9.      Encourage others to be good lake stewards.

          10.    Become a member of SLARA.*

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*Please note that SLARA is not currently active. It's functions have been incorporated into the efforts of the Spring Lake-Lake Board. For more information, please contact John Nash, Spring Lake Township Supervisor at (616) 844-2102.