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Page 2 - Recent History Concerning Water Quality of Spring Lake
1950-55 Lake residents become concerned about water quality impacts from a large duck farm located at what is now Harbor Point.
1954 Residents commissioned a Wisconsin Chemical Firm to spray the lake for control of weeds and algae growth.
1955  Spring Lake Algae Control Committee was formed   
1956      The Spring Lake Improvement Association (SLIA) was formed.  The purpose was to obtain donations from lakefront property owners to pay for algae treatments.  It functioned until 1990 when the Michigan DNR instituted a rule requiring 80% of the lakefront property owners to annually approve lake treatments.  With over 750 lakefront property owners, this ruling was too difficult for the SLIA volunteers.
1994 The Spring Lake Area Residents Association (SLARA) began.  SLARA's primary concerns were identified as water safety and water quality.   
1994-96  SLARA concentrated its efforts on water safety
1996    SLARA hosted a Spring Lake Water Quality Seminar.  Later the same year, the Ottawa County MSU Extension Office held a lake landscape informational meeting.   
1997 SLARA organized a petition drive to establish a Spring Lake-Lake Board.  Three months later, over two-thirds of the lakefront property owners had signed the petition.  The lake board was authorized by resolution of riparian municipalities.
1998 In March, the Spring Lake-Lake Board held its first meeting.

The Spring Lake-Lake Board currently meets quarterly.

Meetings are open to the public.

 For time and location of next meeting call:

Ottawa County Drain Commission

(616) 846-8220

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