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Page 11 - Water Quality Protection Programs


The Michigan Groundwater Stewardship Program (MGSP) offers public service educational programs that can help Spring Lake watershed residents protect water quality. These programs are voluntary, confidential, and free.They are supported by the Michigan Department of Agriculture, and are staffed by Americorp volunteers.


Home*A*Syst (H*A*S) is self-assessment program you can use to evaluate your home and property for pollution and health risks.  It is designed to provide homeowners and/or renters with the information and tools they need to take action. H*A*S can help you: 

  1. Safeguard the health of you and your family. Preventing or eliminating dangers in the water you drink or from hazardous chemicals in your home is important to avoid potential health risks.

2.   Prevent contamination of water supplies and other natural resources. Protecting groundwater and surface water quality is essential to you and your neighbors and others downstream. This is important whether your drinking water comes from a private well or municipal system. 

3.   Protect your financial investment. Your home is often your most valuable investment. Knowing about potential risks or problems can help you prevent costly cleanups, repairs, and legal troubles. And it pays not only to take care of your own property but also to make sure others around you are using good management practices, property neighborhood, or in your lake.

H*A*S Supplements
These supplements offer additional information specific to certain issues.

Managing Shoreline Property to Protect Water Quality- examines the special role shoreline property owners have in preventing contamination of their lake or stream. 

Lawn*A*Syst-An environmental risk assessment guide for lawn care practices, providing information for different seasons of the year. 


Kent and Ottawa County Residents-
Contact the West Michigan Environmental Action Council (WMEAC) at (616)451-3051, ext. 23.

Muskegon County Residents-
Contact the Muskegon Conservation District at (231)773-0008

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