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                                                      Spring Lake Lake Board Guidebook

Goals and Objectives
  1. Establish and implement a Management Plan for the Spring Lake Watershed.
    1. Secure professional assistance to implement study recommendations.
    2. Increase awareness of our water quality status and needs.
    3. Support and continue LakeWatch and other watershed educational entities.
    4. Support lake and watershed research
    5. Research and investigate storm sewer outfalls.
    6. Initiate a stormwater management policy.
    7. Monitor tributary erosion sites.
    8. Archive all lake and watershed data.
  1. Provide Lake and Watershed Education to Improve Stewardship in the Watershed.
    1. Publish booklet to provide better water quality practices for watershed residents.
    2. Install waterfowl stewardship signs.
    3. Develop a presentation package.
    4. Expand participation in watershed activites.
    5. Expand public relations through local newspapers, bulletin boards and creation of a web site.
  1. Discover Sources of Possible Funding for the Above Activites.
    1. Investigate the desirability of the collection of money pursuant to the Inland Lake Improvement Act to improve Spring Lake water quality.
    2. Coordinate grant writing efforts with all local units and agencies and obtain match monies for grants.
    3. .Expand business and industry sponsorships, fundraising events and encourage private donations.

The purpose of this booklet is to help educate the residents and promote stewardships within the Spring Lake Watershed.  Spring Lake is one of, if not this area's, most, valuable natural resource.  Every property owner in the watershed will be sent a copy of this booklet so they can learn and practice good stewardship.

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Please note: This guidebook was written by the Spring Lake-Lake Board and is available in handbook form at the Spring Lake Township Hall.

Wetland Watch has made some updates, and has added information specific to wetland protection.